About Me

Sean began his career as a naturalist and guide with the National Park Service in Yellowstone in 1996. Working as a Park Ranger, he guided visitors through geyser basins and open meadows in the summers and led them on skis in the winter to herds of elk and bison.

Seeking even wilder landscapes, there was only one other place to go—Alaska. In 2000, Sean transferred to Glacier Bay National Park in Southeast Alaska where he worked as a Park Ranger, mostly aboard cruise ships and tour boats.

After a few years in Alaska, Sean had developed his passion for photography to the professional level and began marketing his work with stock agencies, selling note cards, and producing DVD slide shows.

In 2003, Sean met his wife Janet, who was also working in Glacier Bay as a biologist studying humpback whales. They were married in 2005. The following year, Sean “retired” for a year and a half to build a home for his family that would grow in the fall of 2007 when Janet and Sean had a baby girl, Téa. The family grew even bigger in 2011 when they adopted a baby boy, Skyler.

Sean is now producing and marketing his DVDs and flash drive, shooting stock photography, photographing weddings and portraits, as well as guiding independently for Exploritas (formerly Elderhostel) groups and independent clients. Sean is also a partner in Corvid Computing, a computer and networking consulting business.

Volunteerism is an important aspect to living in a small community. Sean volunteers for the Gustavus Community Network the Gustavus School and Friends of Glacier Bay.

Sean lives with Janet, Téa and Skyler in their home in Gustavus, Alaska, along the southern boundary of Glacier Bay.

All text and images Copyright © 2013 by Sean Neilson