Photography and Film Making

If you are a professional photographer or film maker planning a trip to Glacier Bay or Southeast Alaska, I can help you make the most of your shoot. I can make suggestions for wildlife opportunities as well as assisting with the logistics of getting around in this remote location. Please contact me for more details, information and a quote.


If you need to improve your multi-media presentation skills or prepare a specific presentation, I can offer you a consultation. I can help with everything from graphics, music, text, to communication theory and rhetoric. If you have specific questions about hardware or software, or if you just have general questions about how to make a more effective and compelling presentation, I can help.



Corvid Computing

I am a partner in Corvid Computing.

Please contact us if you are in need of computer or networking assistance.

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Clever Solutions Since 2007

Corvid Computing offers the community of Gustavus, Alaska a complete range of clever communication and information technology solutions.


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